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A Pediatric Denstist Creating a Fun, Positive Environment for Kids in Huntington Beach & Pico Rivera, CA

At A Kids Dentist, we understand the importance of finding a dental practice that prioritizes the wellbeing and comfort of your child. We believe that building a strong foundation of oral health starts with a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, so one of our core values is to create a kid-friendly environment that encourages positive self-esteem in every child. Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring that each visit to our offices in Huntington Beach and Pico Rivera, California, is a great experience for your little one.

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Pediatric Dentistry Needs?

Dr. Shalini Shah and our team have been offering comprehensive pediatric dental care services in Huntington Beach, California, since 2005. Since then, we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of children and parents alike while providing top-notch dental care. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Care

With an orthodontist and an oral/maxillofacial surgeon on our team, we offer comprehensive dental services all under one roof. Our kid-friendly office is equipped with the latest dental technology, allowing us to deliver the highest standard of care while keeping your child comfortable and at ease.

Emphasis on Education

Dr. Shah places a strong emphasis on preventive care and educates patients and parents about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits. By instilling these habits early on, we strive to empower children to take control of their own oral health.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Our team is fluent in both English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication with a wide variety of local families. Since our establishment in 2005, we have remained dedicated to building lasting relationships with our patients and their parents. Our compassionate team is also trained to provide personalized, compassionate care for children with special needs, ensuring that every child receives the attention and support they deserve.

Peace of Mind

To ease any concerns and ensure a positive experience, we welcome parents to be with their child throughout the entire appointment. We also offer convenient after-school appointments, allowing you to prioritize your child's dental health without disrupting their education. For more anxious patients who could benefit from sedation dentistry, we bring in a skilled anesthesiologist to ensure their comfort and safety during procedures.

We’re Ready to Be Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist

At A Kids Dentist, our team is ready to make all the difference in your child’s visit and smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at either of our offices in Huntington Beach or Pico Rivera, CA.