A Compassionate Pediatric Orthodontist Creating Young Smiles in Pico Rivera, CA

The American Association of Orthodontists® recommends that all children see a pediatric orthodontist for an initial orthodontic screening before their seventh birthday. This might sound a bit early, but the timing is actually perfect. At A Kids Dentist, we believe the best oral healthcare starts at a young age, and our experienced team in Pico Rivera, California, takes great pride in helping our young patients develop healthy, brilliant smiles.

When it comes to dentistry in general and orthodontics in particular, each child has unique needs. After an in-depth evaluation by our pediatric orthodontist, we can offer a tailored orthodontic solution designed to achieve both comfort and results. To help ensure a positive experience and alleviate some of the anxiety felt by little ones when visiting a dental office, we have created a kid-friendly environment with a focus on fun. To us, our patients are family, and we want them to feel at home while in our care.

What if Your Child’s Teeth Are Straight?

Even if your child’s teeth look straight, they could still have orthodontic issues, such as overcrowding or a misaligned bite. These issues are not always easy to spot because many teeth are not visible when a child smiles. Therefore, it’s best to see a pediatric orthodontist who knows exactly what to look for.

Using X-rays and other advanced dental technologies, your pediatric orthodontist at A Kids Dentist will examine your child’s teeth and bite, including any adult teeth that are still developing under the gumline. Specifically, they will look for indicators of malocclusion, such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, all of which can affect the way your child’s teeth fit together. Additionally, your pediatric orthodontist will look for protruding or crooked teeth, missing teeth, a jaw imbalance, and damage to the inside of your child’s cheeks or the roof of their mouth.

The Importance of Early Intervention

By treating these orthodontic issues early, it is often possible to reduce or eliminate the need for more extensive treatments in the future, such as tooth extractions. It can also help your child’s teeth erupt straighter and healthier. This will make it easier for your child to clean their teeth effectively and reduce their risk of cavities and gum disease.

To set up your child’s orthodontic consultation at our office in Pico Rivera, CA, please contact A Kids Dentist today.